Pricing Value Master Class

Discover the best & most powerful way to conduct value (diagnostic) conversations, so you can propose premium priced engagements that your clients will be dying to say "Yes" to!


The most important word in the phrase Pricing Value is of course “value”. And value, while determined by your client, must be masterfully uncovered and drawn out by you (the professional accountant or bookkeeper).

Value may not be something your clients can easily articulate or quantify without your expert assistance. In fact, some of the most valuable insights may be pain points, transformations, and feelings that even your clients themselves are not yet fully aware of.

In making the shift to Pricing Value, you need to ascertain what is of value to your clients. And then off the back of that —why it is of value, how valuable it is, and what you need to do in order to help them achieve it.

Join Rhondalynn Korolak, author of Pricing Value, From Value Pricing to Pricing Value, and Implementing Pricing Value, to discover the BEST way to get to the heart of value with your customers and what you need to change in order to command a premium price for your accounting or bookkeeping solutions.

In this live Master Class you will learn:

  • HOW to conduct an exploratory session to Comprehend Value with a client (i.e. live demonstration of Pricing Value by Rhondalynn);
  • The scripts and checklists you need to master in order to elicit the pain points and desired transformations that are keeping your clients awake at night; and
  • What you are doing well and where you need to improve – you will have an opportunity to practice the Pricing Value system with your classmates and receive feedback in real time to improve your impact and influence

Pricing Value Master Class for Accountants and Bookkeepers: HOW to Get To The Heart of Value

Date: Tue, November 5th, 2019

Time: 3 PM – 6 PM PST

Place: The Marriott, San Jose, California

Reserve Your Seat Now – Seats are strictly limited due to size of Boardroom.

*Additional seats are available for those participants who are unable to attend this Master Class in person and who would like to watch the video recording.

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Here’s what thought leaders, accountants and bookkeepers are saying about Rhondalynn and Pricing Value:

Lord Chesterfield advised, “A man had better overvalue than undervalue himself. …Whatever real merit you have, other people will discover; and people always magnify their own discoveries, as they lessen those of others.” In Pricing Value, Rhondalynn Korolak beautifully expands on this sage advice. Effective and profitable pricing can only materialize by understanding your customer’s desired state of the future, and that begins with scope of value, not scope of work. Pricing Value lays out the strategies you need to transform your firm’s business model, and create a better future for your customers, employees, and you.”

Ronald J. Baker, Radio-Show Host, The Soul of Enterprise: Business in the Knowledge Economy, author of the best-selling Implementing Value Pricing: A Radical Business Model for Professional Firms,, and Chief Value Officer, Armanino LLP


“Rhondalynn has written a must-read book in the value pricing (sorry, Pricing Value) movement. Practical examples abound and they punctuate the quick reading prose. Undoubtedly, this book will help more professionals and firms abandon the dying framework of the billable hour and timesheets. Welcome to the new era – Pricing Value!”

Ed Kless, Radio-Show Host, The Soul of Enterprise: Business in the Knowledge Economy, Senior Director, Sage Accountants Solutions, Senior Fellow, VeraSage Institute


“Redefining value pricing makes a ton of sense and opens the door for very productive conversations with customers and prospects. Having used value pricing for over 25 years, I found myself to be little more than a novice and walked away with lots of nuggets. Although the book is written for accountants, it is equally valuable for all services organizations. I will definitely use and recommend this book.”

Dr. Reginald Tomas Lee PhD, Executive advisor, Author Strategic Cost Transformation and Lies, Damned Lies, & Cost Accounting, Management Professor, Xavier University—Williams College of Business, President of Business Dynamics Research, Senior Fellow, VeraSage Institute


“Rhondalynn is the most informed specialist on value-based pricing in Australia. Her insights and examples to learn the Pricing Value process makes her training not only entertaining but also informative and educational. A must read for any financial specialist wanting to jump ahead by finally commanding a fee that reflects their true worth as a result of adding value to their client engagement.” 

Diane Lucas, Owner, Direct Management, Melbourne, Victoria, Insightful Accountant Top 100 Pro Advisor 2015-2018, Bookkeeper of the Year 2017  – Australian Accounting Awards, TWN Member Intuit QuickBooks


“For pricing enthusiasts, nothing matches a strong theoretical framework that is easy to put into practice. For me “Pricing Value” is exactly that and the 150 pages are rich in detail and with many relevant real-life cases… making the time from reading it to getting the prices you deserve, as short as possible.”

Claus Thorn Madsen MBA, Partner, Implement Consulting Group, Copenhagen, Denmark


“At first I thought I had to re PRICE my clients but I now know I really need to re VALUE my clients… that is I needed to stop thinking about the figure attached to the service I provide but rather start asking and displaying to my client how valuable my services are…. but value is not measured in dollars but rather whatever the client tells me they value… The first step was to recognise my own value, what am I good at, why do my current clients like me, what clients have I already provided a better outcome for…This process gave me a bit of ammunition on myself to have the confidence to open up the conversation.” 

Pauline Haydon, Paper Maid Solutions, Orange NSW