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Here’s what thought leaders, influential entrepreneurs and journalists are saying about Rhondalynn and Financial Foreplay:




“You can have the greatest idea, plan, product or service and still go bankrupt if you don’t learn how to read your financials and manage your cash flow. Financial Foreplay will help you get the most out of your business – make better decisions, focus your time and take home more money predictably and easily!”
Gerry Harvey, CEO, Harvey Norman

“Even though I’m a CPA and have a pretty extensive finance background, Financial Foreplay reinforced a lot of key concepts. In particular, the focus on cash flow was brilliant. The real life case studies, showing the various ways that cash flow can get squeezed out of a business, was an excellent way to make the strategies real, tangible and practical for a small business owner who is struggling to understand why they never have enough money to pay all the bills coming due. It is a quick read, so it would be perfect for a busy small business owner who is short on time but is serious about improving their business and taking home more money.”
Mark Lange, CPA, Morristown, New Jersey

“I just finished reading Financial Foreplay – as a business owner I highly recommend this book to you. It covers what is normally a dry subject in an enlightening and entertaining way. We are an outsource Telesales/ Call centre bureau specialising in member related and b2b activity. We have been in business for 7 years and now I am more prepared to implement the changes I had been contemplating now that I have read your book. I think most of us find number crunching dry and unless it is put in terms like you have then we tend to overlook one of the most essential areas of the business.”
Paul Artenhofer, General Manager, Partnercall

“I recently purchased a DVD of a seminar run by MYOB where Rhondalynn was a guest presenter and I found myself enthralled by her simple and clear explanation of ‘Profit’ ‘Cash flow’ etc. The MYOB training specialist recommended Financial Foreplay so I went out, got the book and read it straight away. Can you send me more details on Rhondalynn’s coaching products and how Imagineering Profit can help us to measure our KPIs?”
Craig Waters, Managing Director, Bluedale Enterprises Pty Ltd.

“Let me just say, I love this book. It takes business finance (and the problems that come with it) and makes it fun! Anyone who can do that with business finance will always have my backing. This book is not high in financial jargon but does capture a lot of its principles in Business Owner language, rather than accounting tech speak. If you are thinking about starting a business or up to your eyebrows in a financial mess, then this book is for you. Get out of trouble, or just start out on the right foot by reading Financial Foreplay. “
Roslynn Higgins, Business Coach, Melbourne

 “Like Gladwell and Dubner, Korolak combines storytelling with business lessons to create a helpful resource that is also hard to put down. It’s a gift that only the best business authors possess.”
James Tuckerman, Anthill Magazine